The Cult of Christ

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The following video is an instructional parody on the program, "How to be a cult leader." This video is interlaced with real footage of Christians engaging in behavior that is identical to brainwashed cult members.

Although the vast majority of Christians do not engage in the extreme behavior depicted in this video, the kinds of abuse propagated in the name of Christianity must be brought to the attention of moderate Christians everywhere.
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Why does this hilarious video remind me of Dr. Laura Schlessinger's recent on-air explosion filled with racist epitaphs, followed the next day by her pretend apology, which was followed a few hours later by her bold assertion that her First Amendment rights have been violated?
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Science Is Wrong ... Only God Knows The Truth

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We Christians know that science is wrong about a lot of things. But if you just use your own eyes, and your faith, you can make your own scientific discoveries. And you don't have to be a God-hating know-it-all to do it.
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Night at the Creation Museum

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This amusing video shows Jackie and Dunlap talking about Kentucky's new Creation Museum, the new Billy Graham library, and Murfreesboro's own Bible Park. Plus, a sneak peek at the new Ben Stiller comedy "Night at the Creation Museum" -- must sees, all! [my favorite part was the horse]
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Atheists Can't Think For Themselves!

Dec 20 2009 Published by under Godlessness, Humor, Religion, Satire, Streaming videos

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This astonishing video sets out to prove that being a Christian requires constant thinking, while being an atheist sheep does not. This explains why atheists are the dumbest people God ever created!

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An Atheist Finds God!

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A hardcore atheist finds God when he wasn't even looking for God. It's a touching story with a happy ending.

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Why us Wimminz Belongz in da Kitchen

Dec 13 2009 Published by under Humor, Politics, Religion, Satire, Streaming videos

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The Bible states clearly in Genesis 3:16 that the man rules over the woman.

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Pat Robertson: 'Islam Not A Religion'

Dec 06 2009 Published by under Politics, Streaming videos

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A Muslim takes on Pat Robertson and his form of fundamentalist wingnuttery known as "evangelical religion". Pat Robinson demonstrates nicely that even religious people of different denominations do not respect each other even though they supposedly are on the same side. They are so busy pointing fingers and making judgments about each others' faith that it's beyond silly for them to try to convert atheists .. because they can't agree as to which religion is "the one true faith" nor can they (apparently, according to this video) agree as to what constitutes a religion at all.

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Evolution Shmevolution!

Nov 15 2009 Published by under Evolution, Religion, Streaming videos

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Edward Current comments about all of the ignorant evilutionists (including me) who are contaminating the world with our crazy ideas. Nevermind that we have proof and the religious wingnuts do not.

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Why Do Atheists Care About Religion?

Nov 15 2009 Published by under Education, Politics, Religion, Streaming videos

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How does religion impinge upon each American's rights? This video should open your eyes to the ridiculous, backwards and utterly nonsensical laws that control our lives because of someone's religious beliefs.

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