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I'm Baaaaack!

Apr 01 2008 Published by under Manhattan, Kansas, USA

After a lengthy delay in Detroit due to high winds in NYC, I finally made it back to the city in the same number of pieces I was in when I departed. The bad news is that I left Manhattan, Kansas, and my new friends-for-life, Dave and Elizabeth. The good news is my birds missed me! The yellow-bibbed lories heard my footsteps on the stairs and screamed until I actually entered the apartment, when they fell silent, pretending to be perfect parrots. The female Solomon Islands eclectus parrot, Elektra, was clearly excited (the normally large pupil of her eye was quite small, which is how many parrots indicate excitement), so I cautiously petted her, worried that she might bite me in her zeal, but fortunately, she didn't. And of course, the male hawkheaded parrot, Orpheus, broke out into a series of high-pitched screams as he climbed out of his cage to greet me by barfing on my hand. Oooo, he loves me.
Then I went to retrieve my apartment keys from my neighbor, the retired bullfighter, who takes care of my birds for me when I am gone, and I could hear Orpheus's screams all the way down on the third floor! YEOW, he's a loud little pipsqueek when he wants to be.

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A Real Kansas Treat

Mar 31 2008 Published by under Humor, Manhattan, Kansas, USA

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The World's Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, Kansas.
Image: GrrlScientist, 2008. [larger size].

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Crane Sunset

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Dave, Elizabeth and I were in Nebraska yesterday, watching migrating Sandhill cranes, Grus canadensis, over the Platte River in the evening. This is one of the images that Dave took of the sunset that we saw while we were there. (I also have a bunch of images of the Platte River and its Sandhill cranes to share with you).

Migrating Sandhill cranes, Grus canadensis,
over the Platte River, Nebraska.
Image: Dave Rintoul, KSU. [wallpaper size].

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American Bison Bull

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American bison bull.
Image: Dave Rintoul, KSU [wallpaper size].

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Sioux Stew

Mar 28 2008 Published by under Manhattan, Kansas, USA

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For those of you who might be worried that I am not eating properly, I just thought I'd show you an example of the home-made cuisine I get to eat every day;

Sioux Stew (made with ground bison meat),
without any garnish (I added dried blueberries and shredded cheddar cheese
after I snapped this picture).
Image: GrrlScientist 2008. [larger view].

The recipe is below the fold;

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Portrait of an American Bison

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Portrait of an adult female bison, Bos bison,
on the Konza Prairie, near Manhattan Kansas. March 2008.
Image: GrrlScientist 2008. [larger view].

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Early Morning on a Kansas Prairie

Mar 27 2008 Published by under Birding, Manhattan, Kansas, USA, My Pictures

Portrait of a male Greater Prairie-Chicken, Tympanuchus cupido.
Image: Dave Rintoul, KSU. 2007.

This morning, I had the great privilege to watch male Greater Prairie-chickens, Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus, perform on a lek site located on the Konza Prairie in Kansas, along with Dave Rintoul's ornithology class. Not only was this the first time I'd seen lekking behavior for this species, but this was the first time I'd ever seen this species in the wild.

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Mar 27 2008 Published by under Image of the Day, Manhattan, Kansas, USA, Nature

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Stone surrounded by mostly native vegetation
with natural spring water flowing over it
on the Konza Prairie, near Manhattan Kansas. March 2008.
Image: GrrlScientist 2008. [larger view].

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Manhattan, A Photoessay

Mar 26 2008 Published by under Manhattan, Kansas, USA, My Pictures, Nature

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I know you all are wondering what happened to me since I have been so quiet today, and the truth is that I am doing all sorts of amazingly fun things as long as possible until my broken wing makes me exhausted from ignoring the pain. At the moment, I am sitting in my very own office (!!) next to Dave Rintoul's in the biology department at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. (It might interest you to know that this office is much larger than the first apartment I rented in the other Manhattan). I am uploading something close to 150 images onto my laptop that I took with my digital camera this morning while on the Konza Prairie. The Konza Prairie is an old ranch that now belongs to the Nature Conservancy and is leased to Kansas State University. It is a biological research station whose purpose is the restoration of this land to its native condition; tallgrass prairie. Below the fold are some of the images I took while I was out there;

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Locust Tree

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Trunk from what is probably a Black Locust, Robinia pseudoacacia,
colonized by a community of crustose lichens [study]
on the Konza Prairie, near Manhattan Kansas. March 2008.
Image: GrrlScientist 2008. [larger view].

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