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Penis Parity Day

Today is an important day for women in America who are lucky enough to actually have a job. What day is this? I refer to it as "Penis Parity Day" although other, proper institutions refer to it by the more boring name, "Equal Pay Day". This day celebrates the dubious honour that, after slaving away from 1 January 2010 until 12 April 2011, women have finally earned the same amount of income as a man for doing the same job. For you mathematically-challenged men out there who determine salaries and raises, that translates into 103 more days to earn the same monetary reward for doing the same job.

Which makes me wonder why any men have jobs at all since female employees provide a much larger return on investment.

In honour of this auspicious day, I think all women should wear a strap-on to work. Just to, you know, make the point.

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It's not just US politicians who don't like academics

Mar 29 2011 Published by under Medicine & Health, Politics, Silliness

Oh dear, the British health minister isn't a fan of The Lancet:

(ht Ben Goldacre, and his summary: "More than anything, I just quite enjoy the childishness of the edit...")

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English Libel laws: they matter to you too

Nov 14 2010 Published by under Cultural Observation, Politics

[I thought this was going to publish on Wednesday, but something happened. Dunno what]
In the last couple of years, the science establishment in the UK have been getting politically active. a lot of this was started by the British Chiropractic Association deciding to sue Simon Singh for libel after he wrote that the organisation "happily promotes bogus treatments".

Although that complaint was eventually dropped (and as a result of the action complaints made against a quarter of registered UK chiropracters), the threat of libel still remains.

Is this some minor issue of concern only for the English and Welsh who are unable to open their mouths without considering whether they'll put their foot in it? No, for several reasons.

free debate
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The Cult of Christ

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The following video is an instructional parody on the program, "How to be a cult leader." This video is interlaced with real footage of Christians engaging in behavior that is identical to brainwashed cult members.

Although the vast majority of Christians do not engage in the extreme behavior depicted in this video, the kinds of abuse propagated in the name of Christianity must be brought to the attention of moderate Christians everywhere.
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The Bull That Didn't Know the Rules

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Yesterday morning while I was in the gym, I saw this footage over and over and over again on the national news. Even with my language barrier, it's not difficult to figure out what was happening nor what the eventual outcome would be.
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Why does this hilarious video remind me of Dr. Laura Schlessinger's recent on-air explosion filled with racist epitaphs, followed the next day by her pretend apology, which was followed a few hours later by her bold assertion that her First Amendment rights have been violated?
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Senator Al Franken Demonstrates That He is More Than Just Another Pretty Face!

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Senator Al Franken draws an amazingly accurate map of all 50 states in the United States -- from memory -- during an appearance on Minnesota Public Radio's Midday at the Minnesota State Fair.
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Reinforcements Ordered in the War on Brains

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Rachel Maddow talks about her former show, The War on Brains -- she mentions that even though the program no longer exists, America's war on brains continues. Perhaps the most ridiculous example that she cites is the woman who claims on television that "the separation of church and state" is not mentioned anywhere in the US Constitution -- a fact that can be easily confirmed by anyone who can read by checking the original document.
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The Geography of a Recession

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According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are nearly 31 million people currently unemployed -- that's including those involuntarily working part-time and those who, like me, want a job, but have given up trying to find one. In the face of the worst economic upheaval since the Great Depression, millions of Americans are hurting, as you can see in this shocking video.
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Calculate Your God Delusion Index

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This is a STUPID video that I found -- a quiz that supposedly measures how deluded by religion you are. I'm glad this hateful moron won't be spending the next trillion years in heaven with Jesus and me!

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