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Encephalon 32, A Neuroscience Blog Carnival

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The last frontier: The brain.
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Several months ago, I was invited to host Encephalon, probably because I send so many submissions to this blog carnival and possibly also because I am fairly good at sending traffic to the contributors of those blog carnivals that I host. Unfortunately, I have not had wifi for the past two days, so I hope that you appreciate my modest efforts on behalf of this blog carnival. So, without further ado, I present to you the 32nd edition of Encephalon.
Edit: Now that I am in the library and have wifi once again, I realize that I missed five submissions that were sent over the weekend. I apologize for not including them in this edition. Please re-submit them for the next carnival in two weeks (details at the bottom of this edition).

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Tangled Bank 75, The Science, Nature and Medicine Blog Carnival

The Tangled BankWelcome everyone to the 75th edition of Tangled Bank! There is plenty of material here to read so I think that you all will find something to interest you in this collection of the most recent stories about science, nature and medicine. So without further ado, I will let you jump right in.

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Tangled Bank 49, The Science, Nature and Medicine Blog Carnival

The Tangled BankWelcome to the 49th issue of Tangled Bank. Honestly, I was blown away by the large number of contributions that I received (if I counted correctly, there are 34 essays in this issue). This response was unexpected, and I was awake almost all night preparing this for you, so I hope you are ready to settle in with a glass of wine while you devote your time and brain space to reading and thinking about science, nature and medicine. If there are any broken links, please notify me via email and I will fix as soon as humanly possible (well, after I wake up from my nap).

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