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Bumble Porn

No, not photos of a former Lancs and England batsman in "interesting" poses. No, it's some photos I took in the car park on the Riedberg campus this morning.

Two bumble bees having sex in the car park

This is the money shot

Front view of a bumble pair at it

I'm not a bee expert, so if anyone can tell me the species (the location is Frankfurt, Germany) or anything else interesting, please do.

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Apr 15 2011 Published by under Art & Photography, Harry Potter

This manic Harry Potter fan is going to see the penultimate Harry Potter film


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Words for Moderators

Dec 13 2010 Published by under Silliness, Streaming videos

I'm not sure if this video is a list of banned words at Occam's Typewriter, or PhysioProf's playlist. I've put it below the line, just in case.
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Harry Potter and the Elements of Lehrer

Nov 13 2010 Published by under Harry Potter, Silliness, Streaming videos

Daniel Radcliffe has now gone up inestimably in my estimation [huh?]. He thinks Tom Lehrer is "the cleverest and funniest man of the twentieth Century" (beating even Dan Quayle?):

Booo! It looks like I can't get a YouTube video of Tom Lehrer singing his song in this country. So you'll have to try to find one yourself. But you can watch this instead:

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London Roof Surfing

Sep 03 2010 Published by under London, England, Streaming videos

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For those of you who are checking in today, wondering where we are and what we are doing, here's a look at one of the fun activities that is scheduled to happen tonight at Science Online London: gathering on a rooftop in London for the FringeFrivolous Unconference (i. e.; "roof surfing"). This video was shot during last year's roof surfing event (which I could not attend, boo!), but I plan to shoot some video of this same event tonight to share with you. Meanwhile, here's some familiar faces to entertain you:

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The Noble Art of Verbal Abuse

Aug 28 2010 Published by under Humor, Sexuality, Streaming videos, Teaching

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Those of you who think Bob O'Hara is a cruel anti-religion Cyber-bully will be very impressed with this: he used your reader comments as a recommendation to design and teach a class at his university. This class, entitled "the Noble Art of Verbal Abuse," is already making a difference as you can see in this world exclusive video from the first day of his class:
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What kind of world do we want?

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This video is by the nonprofit group, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). It is a plea to the citizens of the rich countries of the world to rethink the many ways we exploit the world's resources before it's too late to stop our crash course with the mass extinction of millions of animal and plant species.

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The Perfect Storm?

Aug 25 2010 Published by under Nature, Streaming videos

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This video is stunning footage of a ship at sea, being tossed around by towering waves. Meanwhile, seabirds soar past, delighted at the gale-force winds that keep them aloft. I know you only get a quick glimpse of them, but can any of you identify the birds?

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BirdFair 2010: Watch the Artist's Mural Take Shape

Aug 25 2010 Published by under Art & Photography, Birding, Nature, Streaming videos

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Well, guess what I missed this year? That's right: I missed attending BirdFair 2010, which was held last weekend, one week before I am traveling to the UK. Saying I wish I had been able to attend is probably stating the obvious, so I'll just show you a few things that were missed by all of us who did not attend.

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Bananas Galore in the Pacific

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The world's most popular fruit is the banana, which originated in the very-much overlooked region of Polynesia. This interesting video explores the relationship between the peoples and cultures of New Guinea, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands and the world's most popular fruit, the banana.

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