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Bob O'Hara is the real name of an academic researcher who is either a biologist or a statistician: it depends on who he’s talking to. He currently develops models that describe alterations in species biodiversity in response to climate change. His interests include statistics, ecology, population genetics, quantitative genetics, GrrlScientist and pissing around on the internet.

GrrlScientist is the blog pseudonym for an evolutionary biologist/ornithologist who writes about E3: Evolution, Ecology and Ethology, and the subtle relationships between these phenomena, especially in birds. She also is a proud member of that vast liberal conspiracy of screaming atheists that your mother warned you about. [learn more at GrrlScientist's Landing Page]

About this blog

This blog is an evolving collaboration between GrrlScientist and Bob O'Hara, who are expats living in Germany. It is difficult to know precisely what this blog will discuss but it's possible that in addition to writing about science, we'll publicly bicker and moan about each others' pets, and argue about whether it's the garbage or the rubbish that should be taken out.

Keep in mind that any opinions on this blog that you don't agree with are those of our pets, and do not reflect the opinions of either one of us, our current or potential future employers, or anybody else. Opinions that you like and agree with are GrrlScientist's. As a professional bio-statistician who is gainfully employed, Bob deals strictly with facts, and in fact, has no opinions, so don't blame him for anything.

All written material on this site is the copyright of the authors and may not be reproduced, misquoted or redistributed without the authors' written permission. (That especially includes you, Ms Heffernan!)

Advertising, funding, compensation

We do not currently accept advertising or payment in exchange for writing this blog. This might change in the future, but it is our experience that no one out there pays nearly enough to make the trivial sums we might earn worth dealing with US income tax laws. GrrlScientist does happily receive hot-off-the-presses books for free from publishers or authors who wish her to read and review them in the print or online media. Her book reviews will mostly be published on her other two blogs, Punctuated Equilibrium (hosted by The Guardian newspaper) and Maniraptora (hosted by NATURE/Wiley).

About the banner

Our evolving banner art is courtesy of the very talented and humorous Joseph Hewitt, who writes and illustrates the graphic blog, Ataraxia Theatre. Joseph doesn't know this yet, but GrrlScientist thinks that he can do no wrong, and has chosen him as her online boyfriend.

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