Today is The Rapture

May 21 2011 Published by under Fucking with your head, Religion

If you are reading this, then one of two possibilities are true for you: either you are a godless liberal heathen (like myself) or you are in a time zone that has not yet been Raptured. Because god arranged for The Rapture to occur at dinnertime in everyone's time zone.

But if you are not (or will not be) Raptured (like me), then here's a little of what we can expect to be faced with during The Tribulation, which occurs, starting today and going for the next five months before god gets tired of torturing us and pulls the plug on earth entirely on 21 October:

Unlike The Rapture, the end of the world is not a time-zone dependent event, I've been warned. That said, if you are located in a pre-Rapture time zone, you might enjoy this little piece I wrote yesterday about how to prepare for The Rapture.

By the way, there's some very impressive footage in that video. Does anyone know where/when that footage of the car on the freeway being swallowed up by the earth came from?

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