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This manic Harry Potter fan is going to see the penultimate Harry Potter film


I have not been able to see many films in a movie house in my life, so I've had to rely on renting the DVDs or streaming the films on my laptop (thanks to the amazing netflix, which I miss every every day). But Harry Potter films were different. I've always watched them in a movie house either (a) on opening night, or (b) in a private pre-release screening, or (c) on opening night in a country that was not America. Except this film. This is the only Harry Potter film I've neither seen in a movie house, nor seen on opening night (or earlier). But I just purchased the Harry Potter film on DVD and I am going to settle in to watch it in a few minutes. Just as soon as my boy gets home.

Because I am one of those rare people whose spouse happens to love Harry Potter just as much as she does.

I've got the Shiraz, the dark-chocolate-covered marzipan (Easter is coming, you know), the Pringles, and I'm cooking some rice to get me and my boy through the weekend. With any luck, we'll watch it TWICE tonight! And a few more times this weekend, too.


Yes, I am making up for lost time.

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  • The Founding Mothers says:

    It's good. We dumped our founding son on the grandparents one afternoon to watch it in the cinema (having found one in a non-english speaking country that actually showed the OV), and it was really worth seeing on a big screen. Hope you've got massive TV at home.

    But what are you reading this for? That DVD ain't gonna watch itself. Enjoy!

  • grrlscientist says:

    i've watched it once, and am getting ready to dive in for a second showing tonight. i confess i am disappointed. but then again, i was rather disappointed by book 7, too, and the film suffers from the same issues as the book. 🙁

    we've not got a TV at all. instead, we have a data projector hooked up to the DVD player so we are projecting the video onto the wall ... the film is actually bigger than any TV screen that mere mortals can afford!

  • The Founding Mothers says:

    Hmmm, I enjoyed the film - but that could be that it was such a long time since I'd read the book that I basically couldn't remember the plot. It could also be that it was about the only film I'd seen in a year that wasn't interrupted by a screaming infant or a pile of poo. Luckily, I don't poo quite so much these days, so at least that's under control.

  • akela51 says:

    Well, I'm a bit surprised. There is a movie house in Frankfurt where HP7 was shown in the original version, the Cinestar. It's pretty much near the center of town and easy to reach by subway from where you live. You can order tickets online and choose the seats you want.