Apr 01 2011 Published by under Fucking with your head

Image: Courtesy of The Outrage Project.

As the title of this blog entry implies; I am PEEVED OUTRAGED! PEEVED OUTRAGED, I TELL YOU! Why? I just got wind of the latest event to happen in my wee part of the blogosphere: Scientopia has invited Occam's Typewriter's bloggistas to move here -- ALL OF THEM! And they are going to be PAID!! Yes, PAID WITH REAL MONEY! Spendable money! That they can buy things with, cool things, like microscopes, camera lenses and even an aircraft carrier to park all these cool things on!

This is just SO unfair!!

Yes, I am outraged. I am not outraged that my fellow bloggistas at Occam's Typewriter have been invited to join us, nay, I am pleased that they are finally seeing the light; but I am outraged that we are PAYING THEM to do what WE DO already, like WTF d00d?? Where am I supposed to get the funds to pay them to do here what I already do here? Why aren't we being paid????

So this it IT! I've had it! No more blogging at Scientopia! Finitay! The end!

I am so outraged and disgusted that I am packing my blogbags (and dragging Bob O'Hara by the hair [now you know why he's got a bald spot!] along with me): we are going to set up shop at Occam's Typewriter!

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