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It's not just US politicians who don't like academics

Mar 29 2011 Published by under Medicine & Health, Politics, Silliness

Oh dear, the British health minister isn't a fan of The Lancet:

(ht Ben Goldacre, and his summary: "More than anything, I just quite enjoy the childishness of the edit...")

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When wannabe authors attack!

Mar 29 2011 Published by under Book Review

HINT: It isn't pretty.

I spent the morning reading just one review of one book and the comment thread that it inspired. In short, this train wreck of a comment thread is a great example of the reasons that I refuse to review self-published books: the bad punctuation/grammar, the horrible sentence construction, the astonishing inability to correctly use the English language, and yes, the aggressive bullying by the so-called "writers" themselves. Predictably, this blog entry has gone viral: it's now mirrored on loads of facebook accounts, it's all over twitter, and the book's Amazon comment thread has linked to it, too. For wannabe authors, it's a wonderful blow-by-blow account of how to destroy your career before it even gets started.

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Ich möchte nicht auf Deutsch sprechen

Mar 06 2011 Published by under Cultural Observation, Expat Life, German Life

I've lived in Germany for more than one year but I am ashamed to admit that, for the first time in my life, I've not learned to speak the language in a satisfactory way. Worse than labeling me an "Ugly American" is the fact that I am actually quite talented at picking up languages and accents -- I never really had to work at learning languages.

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