Guest Blogging at Scientopia

Feb 13 2011 Published by under Blogosphere

Here at Scientopia we have a new plan to create lots of unwitting minions to help us take over the blogosphere. We now have a guest blog where every couple of weeks a new guest will be given the keys and be implanted with a control chipallowed to blog about what takes their fancy.

Paolo Viscardi, as he is in real life
First up is Paolo Viscardi, who usually blogs at Zygoma. Paolo is a curator at the Horniman museum in London, which is a bit out of the way (Grrl and I visited there last summer), but is fascinating once you get there: a mixture of natural history, cultural anthropology and musical instruments. Paolo's main blogging activity is to put up a Friday Mystery object, usually from the museum (and usually a skull) for people to identify.

Paolo's first post is already up, so go along, say hello, and join in the conversation.

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