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Salmon, scent and going home again

Dead salmon in spawning season, Oregon state (U.S. Pacific Northwest).

Image: Pete Forsyth, 9 November 2007.
This image is licensed under a creative commons license.

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On a cool autumn afternoon, I stepped out of my friend's house and witnessed a phenomenon of nature I had never seen before. In a stream flowing through the back yard, I saw the bodies of spawning coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch, gleaming blood-red in the bright sunlight. These fish battered themselves mercilessly against the stream bed, digging shallow nests in the gravel where they were depositing their eggs. Against enormous odds, they had survived the rigors of ocean life, and had returned to their birthplace to spawn.

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I get misdirected email

Jan 04 2011 Published by under Mental Health

As if my own fan club isn't obnoxious enough, now I am getting some of PZ's email, too. This email was sent to me (what do I look like, a fucking secretary?), so before I take out the trash, I am sharing the wealth. Maybe you'll find this amusing.

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Predictions for 2011

Jan 02 2011 Published by under Blogosphere, Cultural Observation, Silliness

Well, last year was fun, wasn't it? Papers were published and retracted, there were the usual collective moans about poor journalism, and science advanced a few steps.

The scientific blogosphere enjoyed a bit of an upheaval, which lead to this blog being started. GrrlScientist and I are still trying to work out what we should use it for (we both do cute cat photos and videos on our other blogs).

So, what's in store for this year? Here are a few predictions that will be flushed down the memory sometime in February:
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