Occam's Typewriter: here at last

Dec 12 2010 Published by under Blogosphere

I've been in Switzerland for the last couple of days, so I missed the Big Launch of Occam's Typewriter. I've been part of some of the discussions leading up to this, so I've known it was coming, but they still went and started in when I was out of contact. Pah, no consideration. But a couple of my Scientopia colleagues have already noticed.
Occam's Typewriter

I'm biased because these are my friends (even the ones I haven't met), but I think it's a high-quality set of bloggers, who are all worth following. No doubt Occam's Typewriter will have more of a European feeling than Scientopia, but don't worry: the worst you'll have to suffer is having to brush the croissant crumbs off your watercress.

These are the blogs that are running at the moment:

  • The End of the Pier Show by Cromercrox AKA Henry Gee, sometimes editor at a Big Journal, but also one of the blogosphere's great wordsmiths but also worth reading for his insight into science, and particularly evolutionary biology
  • Blogging the PhD by Erika Cule The sprog, who's trying to get through the Imperial PhD system. Fun to follow, and cheer on.
  • Reciprocal Space by Stephen Curry Another good writer,
  • Not ranting – honestly by Austin Elliott Sometimes known as Dr. Aust, he's also a long-time member of the British online sceptical scene.
  • VWXYNot? by Cath Ennis Can be one of the sillier science bloggers (BTW, vote for me!), but always worth a read.
  • Confessions by Richard P. Grant the man responsible for setting this up, and a former lab rat. Provocative.
  • Trading Knowledge by Frank Norman Frank comes across as rather quiet, but I've always enjoyed reading his posts. It's a pleasure to be allowed into his world
  • Mind the Gap by Jenny Rohn Jenny is one of the better-known bloggers, who runs her blog like a salon. Always thought provoking, both her and her comment threads. BTW, her latest book is a cracking read too.
  • The Occam's Typewriter Irregulars by Guest Bloggers Just what it says. Should be fun to watch.

I hope you'll all pop over there regularly to see what's up. Although they're another network, they're not a rival network.

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