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GrrlScientist and the Icy Path of DOOOM

Dec 22 2010 Published by under Medicine & Health

As I write this, I'm waiting to hear from GrrlScientist or the hospital. Last night she slipped in the ice and snow on a very slick piece of pavement - she fell, I then slipped but stayed upright, and then a man behind us came to help, and slipped too. Now, people who have been following Grrl's travails over the last few years know that she's broken bones before, so she's experienced with these things. This time, she was fairly sure she had fractured her elbow, and also had a large bump on her head, but still insisted we made some buttered rum mix before calling an ambulance.

Icy Patch of DOOOM, as seen from above

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Hockey Scores, Week 11

Dec 20 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

I was talked into this because I was(apparently) doing so well. I'm rather disappointed now. *harrumph*
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Words for Moderators

Dec 13 2010 Published by under Silliness, Streaming videos

I'm not sure if this video is a list of banned words at Occam's Typewriter, or PhysioProf's playlist. I've put it below the line, just in case.
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Occam's Typewriter: here at last

Dec 12 2010 Published by under Blogosphere

I've been in Switzerland for the last couple of days, so I missed the Big Launch of Occam's Typewriter. I've been part of some of the discussions leading up to this, so I've known it was coming, but they still went and started in when I was out of contact. Pah, no consideration. But a couple of my Scientopia colleagues have already noticed.
Occam's Typewriter
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The Carnival of Evolution #30

Dec 02 2010 Published by under Biology, Blogosphere, Education, Evolution

There I was, wondering why I hadn't heard anything about this month's Carnival of Evolution, when I discovered that (a) I was meant to be writing it, and (b) it was already late. So, without further ado,
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