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English Libel laws: they matter to you too

Nov 14 2010 Published by under Cultural Observation, Politics

[I thought this was going to publish on Wednesday, but something happened. Dunno what]
In the last couple of years, the science establishment in the UK have been getting politically active. a lot of this was started by the British Chiropractic Association deciding to sue Simon Singh for libel after he wrote that the organisation "happily promotes bogus treatments".

Although that complaint was eventually dropped (and as a result of the action complaints made against a quarter of registered UK chiropracters), the threat of libel still remains.

Is this some minor issue of concern only for the English and Welsh who are unable to open their mouths without considering whether they'll put their foot in it? No, for several reasons.

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Harry Potter and the Elements of Lehrer

Nov 13 2010 Published by under Harry Potter, Silliness, Streaming videos

Daniel Radcliffe has now gone up inestimably in my estimation [huh?]. He thinks Tom Lehrer is "the cleverest and funniest man of the twentieth Century" (beating even Dan Quayle?):

Booo! It looks like I can't get a YouTube video of Tom Lehrer singing his song in this country. So you'll have to try to find one yourself. But you can watch this instead:

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