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The simpler truth about statistics

Sep 29 2010 Published by under Statistics

The Grauniad has been running a series of guest posts as a 'Blog Festival (including from SciCurious, usually of this parish). Yesterday's post was called "The simple truth about statistics", which is of my chosen specialist subjects. I'm still trying to work out whether the irony in the errors in the post were deliberate.
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Well, That was fun

Note: this post was written by Bob O'H, not GrrlScientist. the author attribution will have to be sorted later

Sorry about the silence over the past couple of weeks. But we were having too much fun in the real world (well, Britain anyway). Whilst we were away, Scientopia had some hosting problems, and moved to another host. Not all the gremlins from the move have been sorted out (some of our archives have temporally disappeared), but we'll get this sorted out soon. MarkCC has gone far beyond the call of duty arranging the move, so we'll let him have a proper holiday first.
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Hello world!

Sep 06 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

Welcome to Scientopia Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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London Roof Surfing

Sep 03 2010 Published by under London, England, Streaming videos

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For those of you who are checking in today, wondering where we are and what we are doing, here's a look at one of the fun activities that is scheduled to happen tonight at Science Online London: gathering on a rooftop in London for the FringeFrivolous Unconference (i. e.; "roof surfing"). This video was shot during last year's roof surfing event (which I could not attend, boo!), but I plan to shoot some video of this same event tonight to share with you. Meanwhile, here's some familiar faces to entertain you:

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