What kind of world do we want?

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This video is by the nonprofit group, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). It is a plea to the citizens of the rich countries of the world to rethink the many ways we exploit the world's resources before it's too late to stop our crash course with the mass extinction of millions of animal and plant species.

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  • I believe with nearly 7 billion large mammals (Homo sapiens), an equal number of chickens and a few billions more of domesticated mammals and birds that the carrying capacity of the earth is already exceeded. In the very near future these numbers must be drastically reduced if our civilization is to survive. The most likely scenario will be a plague, unless some mad man first unleashes a nuclear holocaust. That is why it is imperative to stop Iran from acquiring the potential to create such a scenario.

    I recommend Martin Rees' "Our Final Century" for a realistic look at our future. Personally, I don't believe there is anything we can now do to prevent our anthropogenically generated suicide.

    EVERYTHING is determined...by forces over which we have no control."
    Albert Einstein, my emphasis.


    • ALex R says:

      You are a bit pessimistic Mr. Davison. Depending on the lifestyle of the people involved the carrying capacity of the earth is estimated from 2 to 40 billion people. We are all living in mega-cities supported by intensive farming with 40 billion people.

      A few nukes will not destroy the earth, just kill a lot of people.

      If you mean "rich western countries" by "our civilization" then you have nothing to worry about. "We" have the resources and power to save ourselves from almost any calamity. It is the poor people of the world that will be suffering from the effects of global warming, and other changes, both natural and man made.

      • Alex R

        I do not share your optimism. Furthermore, I believe we have already sown the seeds of our destruction. We live in a Planned world which has reached its climax with the present biota, a flora and fauna no longer capable of responding to the devastation of the environment which was necessary for us to reach this current phase, the Age of Technology.

        I never claimed that the earth would be destroyed, only Western Civilization, a process already well under way.

        Phylogeny, the history of life on this planet, is very similar to ontogeny, the development of the individual. Both have proceeded by the controlled release of information already present in the beginning. Ontogeny terminates with the death of the individual, phylogeny with the extinction of the species.

        "Neither in the one nor in the other is there room for chance."
        Leo Berg, Nomogenesis, page 134

        I have repeatedly requested examples of speciation taking place from extant organisms still producing new life forms and have yet to be satisfied that such events are still in progress. Quite the contrary, I see rampant extinction without replacement as the number of known species rapidly decreases. In the distant past extinction was coupled with simultaneous evolution as life progressed through the various Ages of Fish, Amphibian, Reptile and finally Bird and Mammal. Similar progressions took place in the Arthropoda. I am by no meas the first to claim that evolution has finished. Even Julian Huxley, who remained a Darwinian selectionist, made the same claim as did Pierre Grasse and Robert Broom. Huxley "borrowed" his conclusion from Robert Broom as I have fully documented in my lengthy Manifesto and my paper "Is evolution finished?," both available on my website.

        I stick to my conclusion that evolution resulted (past tense) from a Plan, the word that Robert Broom had the temerity to capitalize much to the distress of the neo-Darwinian establishment. That is why he continues to be ignored.

        In short -

        "A past evolution is undeniable, a present evolution undemonstrable."

        I believe that we live in a terminal "Age of Extinction."


        I hate being right and sincerely hope that I am wrong.