So ... What Happened to my "Big News"?

Aug 24 2010 Published by under Your Inner Child

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I am sure that the two or three people out there who still read my blog are now scratching their collective heads, wondering what my "big news" is all about. After all, it is the 24th of August, which is the date when I was going to announce my "big news" -- a date that had been pushed back from 16 August, when I also was going to announce my "big news."

Actually, I am wondering the same thing, and I know what happened!

It turns out that the day when this "big news" becomes known (and when I can talk about it) has been pushed back once more. Yes, yes, I know, I want to scream in frustration, too, especially since the new date when I CAN talk about this news is now 31 August 1 September (GAH!!) -- after I've departed for London. At that point, I am not exactly sure if I'll have decent wifi to share the news with all of you. Since I will be traveling, it seems it's almost better to push my own version of this news back even further, to 11 September, since I return home on 10 September, and hopefully will have a decent wifi connection, unless the incompetent idiots at T-Mobile commit their once-every-three-months act of customer theft by cutting off our wifi connection for reasons that even they cannot defend, explain or understand. But all that said, I have not yet made a decision about the Date When My Big News Can Be Talked About. It depends upon whether I have the time and the wireless connection necessary to do this properly.

On the other hand, all three of you probably already have a correct guess as to what this news concerns. If, hypothetically speaking of course, you were to guess that I am starting a new blog, well, you'd be quite correct. And if you guess the reason that the day when I can announce my "big news" changes a lot is because someone else (not me!) is changing the launch date for my new blog, well, you'd also be quite correct. But, you might be wondering, where is my new blog being hosted and what is its name? Well, I can't tell you those things because if I did, then I'd have to kill you. But it is possible that one or two of you might have worked out those bits of information as well! But alas, I've been sworn to secrecy about this particular piece of my "big news," so even though you have cleverly highlighted this sentence too, hoping to reveal that part of the news, please accept my apologies because I am not allowed to tell you -- yet!

However, if you'd like to guess where my new blog will be, feel free to do so! (the operative word is "guess": meaning that there's a couple people out there whom I've told, so if I've told you, please do not spill the beans!).

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  • lrlee says:

    I haven't a clue what the big news is unless you are going to be made a Dame by the Queen? Or maybe the first female knight? You've been accepted to Hogwarts finally? You're becoming a Bond girl?

    • grrlscientist says:

      i love your hogwarts suggestion. (when a student at hogwarts, i was sorted into ravenclaw house).

  • DrugMonkey says:

    Your IronGrrl suit is finally ready?

    • Bob O'H says:

      Hey! The stuff we talk about behind the scenes in meant to be PRIVATE. We haven't mentioned your unfortunate problem with lice, now have we?

  • csrster says:

    I've no idea, but maybe well get to discover the answer soon?

  • I don't care about where you're being hosted, I just want to know the name of your new blog... it's for, um, a scavenger hunt.

  • Alan Kellogg says:

    I know! I know! You're the first MtF transexual to father your own child.

  • Pierce R. Butler says:

    Well, blankety-blank-blank to you too!

    Process of elimination indicates that this is something that involves not just the two of you (the bird, the cat... does a pea-green boat figure into the story anywhere?).

    And whoever it is has the muscle to get you to accede to an embargo, so it's not just some minor Machiavelli. Yet the story may well stay corked up until you return from Swingin' England, which tends to rule out an intra-Scientopia conspiracy.

    And if you anticipate returning to Hotdogtown by the 10th, then you probably aren't planning on hijacking any vehicles for a commemorative landmark-ramming.

    Is it bigger than a breadbox? Are there any messiahs involved?

  • Jeff Knapp says:

    I'm hoping it's something along the lines of you getting a research position or teaching position somewhere. But, whatever it is, it must be pretty good for you to be so excited about it. I wait with bated breath for the big news!

    Yes I still read your blog.