The Mystery of the Family That Walks on All Fours

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This fascinating video is a complete episode of the American science program, Nova. This episode is about a Turkish family where all the children -- who are adults -- walk on all fours. This episode, which started out as an exploration of the neurobiology and genetics behind this curious behavior turned into a touching human story about a family trying to deal with a devastating disability.


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  • Jeb says:

    An older example.

    "A Fact- There are at present two children at Curwyt in Devonshire, who have been suffered, by their mother, to run wild from infancy rather than accept parish assistance. The one is a boy of ten, the other a girl of twelve years of age. They are both in a state of nature, feeding only on wild berries, and running on all fours with amazing celerity. If pursued, they utter a terrific scream, and hide themselves on the top of a hill, or in the recesses of a thicket. They are never seen in a standing posture; nor can they be prevailed on to approach any person but their mother, with whom, though they cannot speak, they have always kept up a distant and fearful communication.” “What is become of these children, or whither they be yet existing, I cannot tell, though I have ordered an inquiry to be made.”

    Lord Monboddo citing from a local newspaper article, Antient Metaphysics, volume 4. 1779