This Scientific Life swag!

Aug 20 2010 Published by under Art & Photography

Yes, it's here. Thanks to the generosity of Joseph Hewitt, we now have lots of lovely stuff for you to buy to show your support for us (and provide financial support for Scientopia).

(click on the pictures to go to the site and BUY BUY BUY!!!)

t-shirt design

We have two designs, both with their own shop at CafePress: click on the images to get taken to the shop. You can buy the design you like on items such as t-shirts, caps, teddy bears, yard signs (why??), food bowls for your cat or parrot, and what is charmingly described as "intimate apparel".

Any profit will be funneled back into Scientopia, to pay for web hosting etc.

And there is also the Scientopia range of goods, so you can support all of us bloggers at Scientopia:
I'm sorry, but there is no Scientopia intimate apparel for sale.

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