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Aug 20 2010 Published by under Harry Potter, London, England

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As you might recall, thanks to my readers, I was lucky enough to attend Science Online London two years ago, where I gave a talk and met my future spouse. But what you might not know is that Science Online London 2010 is rapidly approaching and I will be one of the lucky ones who will be there!

My co-blogger (and spouse) will be presenting real research data in Leeds in September, and decided to stop in at Science Online London, where he will be co-hosting a session. So I am tagging along. So of course, this means that I'd love to meet any of you who happen to be in the neighborhood to have a beer or two (or ten, haha) while I am in either London or in Leeds. Our travel plans are:

arrive by train at St Pancras in London on the afternoon of Saturday, 28 August
depart by train from King's Cross for Leeds on the morning of 5 September
depart by train from Leeds for London on the morning of 10 September
depart arrive in London in the afternoon of 10 September, then depart for Germany

While we are in London, we plan to:

  1. visit and photograph Down House
  2. visit and photograph The Guardian's new building
  3. return to visit (and photograph) the Nature offices
  4. follow and photograph (video?) the path that the Death Eaters took through London in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film as shown on the right (including, Trafalgar Square, the Millennium Bridge (which we've crossed several times already) and hopefully, a visit to Parliament)
  5. possibly a return visit to "Diagon Alley"
  6. return visit to Westminster Abbey (I plan to get a second, better, photograph of Darwin's burial place)
  7. return to visit and photograph Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub
  8. visit and photograph either (a) very old and historic London pubs (you tell me which to visit!) or (b) old London pubs named after birds (you tell me which to visit). Bob says they must have good beer, but considering how awful German beer is, I think that ANY English bitter ale will do just fine
  9. visit and photograph the actual (real life) Whomping Willow, which is near Slough, according to my real-life sources (although I can't find anything on the web about this tree)

Image: Warner Bros/Mail Online.

While in Leeds, we plan to:

  1. visit and photograph Bookside, a "quintessential" small second-hand book shop near the Hyde Park area (and try not to spend too much on books!)
  2. visit and photograph the Royal Armouries
  3. walk around and photograph stuff
  4. maybe definitely make a quick side trip to York on Monday (the day after we arrive) to see the Minster and lots of crooked, weird old buildings

As I already mentioned, if any of you are in either neighborhood, or want to be in either neighborhood on these days, do mention it here or email one of us to let us know so we can exchange contact info and make plans to meet.

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