The Bull That Didn't Know the Rules

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Yesterday morning while I was in the gym, I saw this footage over and over and over again on the national news. Even with my language barrier, it's not difficult to figure out what was happening nor what the eventual outcome would be.

This incident occurred in Tafalla, Spain on 19 August 2010. This bull managed to launch itself into the stands on its third attempt to do so.

Forty people were injured, three critically. Most of the injuries were cuts and bruises, but one man was gored in the back, another suffered crushed vertebrae and a 10-year-old boy remains in intensive care at a hospital in the regional capital of Pamplona, according to the Spanish newspaper El País. (What decent parent would bring a child to a stadium filled with screaming, drooling idiots who are entertained by watching others harass and torture innocent animals?)

After this video footage ended, and according to reports, officials tied a rope around the bull to bring it under control (never mind that a dozen or more people were already sitting on the poor animal). The animal was later removed using a crane and killed (oh, but of course).

These spectators were watching a contest of "recortadores", where participants attempt to dodge the confused bull as it runs frantically around the arena (presumably, bulls are not intended to be killed in this sort of a .. erm, "contest"). Unfortunately, no one bothered to inform this particular bull about "the rules," so the outcome was tragic: he was killed as a direct result of his valiant attempt to escape being physically taunted and tortured by hundreds of screaming, testosterone-poisoned primates.

This incident occurred even as Spain is split over whether bull fighting should be completely outlawed. Only last month, Catalonia became the first major Spanish region to ban bull fighting.

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  • Kausik Datta says:

    I have always found the 'sport' of bullfighting to be a pointless, cruel and sick exercise. Hunting and killing for food I can understand; but making a spectator sport out of needlessly injuring and killing a captive animal simply in order to satisfy our primal bloodlust - it is imbecile beyond description. I feel ashamed for my species that a part of humanity is actively engaged in, and deriving enjoyment from, this insanity.

    Wash your eyes with this. This is the ideal finale!

  • Dorothea Salo says:

    Oh, good for Catalonia! I'm sure that move earned them a lot of spite from arrogant madrileños. (I visited Catalonia once with a Madrid tourguide. The utter bile that dripped from that woman's mouth about people who treated us with amazing courtesy and generosity...)

  • parclair says:

    I've always thought that Spain (and Mexico) should return to the old Minoan practice of bull gymnastics, as shown on ancient Minoan walls. Just people jumping bulls, nekked. No injury to the bull, death for mistakes, way more interesting for bloodthirsty types than innocent animal torture.

  • S.Srinivasan says:

    Bull are bullied by bullshits. I pity for that bull. Man thinks that every think is for his sports. Every animal loving citizen of the world must organize protest against the inhuman act and behaviour of Spaniards and make their government to ban this age old sports.