Science Is Wrong ... Only God Knows The Truth

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We Christians know that science is wrong about a lot of things. But if you just use your own eyes, and your faith, you can make your own scientific discoveries. And you don't have to be a God-hating know-it-all to do it.

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  • Kausik Datta says:

    Thank you for the Sunday morning funny... Although, I confess... At the back of my mind I find this nagging fear that there are living, breathing people crawling around somewhere, that indeed believe this satire to be true!

  • Jim Myers says:

    AWESOME! If many of the true "believers" watched this, it would either send them into a frenzy or drive them home in shame... My guess is that none are intellectually honest enough to be shamed, so this is really only preaching to the choir. Too bad though; it's a perfect rebuttal to the arguments it makes.

  • Heather says:

    Why does one have to negate the other? The more I learn about our world via Science, the more amazing God is to me. Also, I don't find this to be a perfect rebutle to the stupidity of the religious fundamentalists. It's too stupid. Amusing, yes but not convincing or compelling if your trying to persuade someone that there is no God.

  • Rollin says:

    While i appreciate your attempt at spreading awareness over the stupidity of Christians, your attempts at humor are goddamn horrible. Satire doesn't really carry the same effect when it's not funny.

  • Bob Goddamn says:

    Hey Rollin, you know humour is goddamn relative right? It doesn't have any goddamn absolute value. There is not goddamn measurement value of humour. Because I found it goddamn funny. Thanks for the goddamn share, grrl.

  • JamesR says:

    "The sun only comes out during the day". And stars are tiny. LMAO funny.
    That is too good. I may need to borrow them at a later date.

  • Humor is great but has never played a role in the quest for absolute Truth. And yes, I believe in absolute Truth. That is what science has always been about.

    Furthermore, there is ls no place in science for religion or for its antithesis - atheism. There is no more reason to assume monotheism than to assume monophyleticism. No one has any idea how the great twin mysteries of ontogeny and phylogeny became established. One thing is now certain -

    " Neither in the one nor in the other is there room for chance."
    Leo Berg, Nomogenesis, page 134

    Accordingly, the Darwnian model had in the past and has now absolutely nothing to do with either the formation of species or of any of the higher taxonomic categories. Natural selection can produce only varieties and subspecies, neither of which are incipient species. All tangible evidence pleads for a planned phylogenesis, now largely complete with the present biota. This evidence has led me to the following conclusion -

    "A past evolution is undeniable, a present evolution undemonstrable."

    I look forward to the opportunity to defend that thesis here or anywhere so long as I can be received in civil fashion.

  • "Silence is golden."
    Thomas Carlyle

    or is it -

    "Silence is the perfect expression of scorn."
    George Bernard Shaw

    What I find remarkable is that my deliberately provocative message remains ignored.

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win."
    Mahatma Gandhi

    I say get on with it.

  • JamesR says:

    Well I've gone and done it. I've linked to this article at Atheist Oasis. Thank You

  • grrlscientist says:

    thanks james!