I've Been a Little Distracted Recently

Aug 14 2010 Published by under Your Inner Child

I've been preparing for Monday, which was supposed to be the day when I share my big news with all of you, but alas, the "big news day" has been pushed back to 24 August, instead. So the best I can do is tell you that I've been distracted by something that isn't going to happen when I thought it was going to happen ...

Of course, this means I've not been giving people their proper recognition. One of them is my online boyfriend, cartoonist Joseph Hewitt, who works his magic on our evolving banner. Joseph recently sent anniversary wishes to Bob and me, but because I was distracted, I did not share this with you. So I am fixing that now: go there and enjoy Joseph's quirkiness! Listen to the music he chose! Leave him some comments!

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