NYC Bike Thief

Aug 12 2010 Published by under Cultural Observation, NYC life, Streaming videos

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After watching this video, you will understand two things about NYC: (1) it's really easy to steal a bicycle in NYC and (2) it's really convenient to be a white guy while stealing bicycles in NYC.

This NYCer thinks; This is a shame, only one person stopped to help out.

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  • Adriana says:

    This NYer thinks that the most common assumption people make is that the guy lost the keys to his lock and is trying to get his bike back; it probably does help that he is white, and the bike wasn't much to look at.

    During the World Cup, we were watching a game from the sidewalk right outside a sports bar with big screens (and big windows) and at half time, a guy walked out and started screaming his bike had just got stolen and why didn't anyone of us say anything. Honestly, I did not even noticed there was a bicycle tied to the meter right behind us. If you have a valuable bike, do not leave it alone in NYC, even if you think you have a great lock. It's better to ride a bike you don't mind losing.

  • The video was amusing but, as a cyclist, I also found it rather horrifying. I would also probably have assumed that it was his bike and that he had lost the key - even if questioned by police, it would be very difficult to prove otherwise ... I know that I don't have the receipt from the bike I bought 6 years ago and it isn't insured.