Managing Your OnLine Presence with a Personal Landing Page

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Do any of you have a landing page? After discussing business cards for teh blags with my colleagues, I decided the easiest way to keep everyone up-to-date with my writing, photography and other projects is to have an personal landing page (PLP)!

The purpose of a PLP is to act as an online business card and web index site. By providing family, friends and colleagues with a single site where everything I am doing is indexed, I hope to make it easy to maintain communication with everyone, and to make it easy(ier) for me to manage my online presence.

This PLP, a hybrid between a resume and a personal website index page, is actually a wiki where I link to my writing, which is spread all over the internet at this point. As of this morning, I changed my five domain names [,,,, and] so they all point to my PLP. Regardless of what happens in the future, you will be able to find me by going to this site and looking through the links there. After I am finished experimenting with the graphics and formatting, that page will remain relatively static except for updates, and will serve as a central location that links to everything I've published on the web. At this point, I link to all my blogs, past and present, and will add other material in the near future.

Are there other uses for a PLP that you can think of?

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  • Peggy says:

    Have you seen the landing pages on ? They are quite pretty but intimidating for someone like me with minimal design skills.

    I like your simple wiki version - easy to read and I assume easy to update.

    • grrlscientist says:

      i have seen those and really like them. i was thinking of moving my landing page there but haven't (yet) until i had a chance to get the original wikispaces page up and running. i ran into some problems where it would delete the entire site if i tried to add favicons. after three deletion events, i uploaded all the favicons and added the appropriate external links and so far, so good. so advice to those who wish to build a PLP at wikispaces: do NOT have more than three or four favicons as outside images! instead, upload those puppies to the site and it looks like you're good to go.

      now, i will experiment with the flavors site. i think i've got too many online things i am involved in to make the flavors site look anything other than crowded, but i am going to give it a go.

  • rknop says:

    Back in the old days (i.e. early 1990s), we called this a "home page". I've had a home page (called "Rob Knop's Gratuitous Home Page") since then. I don't update it all that often, but it does have a link to my blog. It also has links to information about classes I've taught, research I've done, and (if you dig a bit) my CV.

    • grrlscientist says:

      i actually grabbed part of my "homepage" from my university days and recycled it. my university website is going to disappear in a couple weeks, so i have to "move it or lose it" as they say.

  • Coturnix says:

    I keep mine simple - just a bunch of icons and buttons which take you to all the places where you can find me online:

    • grrlscientist says:

      i tried the favicons only approach and the site kept crashing (as i later learned, this was because i was not hosting the favicons but was linking to them on flickr. after uploading the favicons, the site stopped crashing).

      however, that said, there are people pout there who want to know who i am after looking at the landing page, so i decided to add a couple things under the favicons so that question was answered. further, since i am still looking for a job (alas), i thought it would be good to make a sort-of hybrid resume/landing page, just to see what, if any, response i'd get. unfortunately, i will likely go to my grave, having only held one "real" job in my life: my postdoc fellowship. (but let's not talk about that; i don't need to start feeling depressed about something i have no control over anyway!)

  • Luna_the_cat says:

    I never really thought about this, but it's a good idea. Must see what I can do!

    • grrlscientist says:

      when you've got your PLP up and running, do tweet it to me so we can compare notes! i'd love to see it.

  • tideliar says:

    Good idea Grrl. If I could only decide on how/whether to consolidate my various online personae...

    • grrlscientist says:

      i agree; this is difficult for those of us with an extensive online presence. i look forward to seeing how you work with this issue.

  • zuska says:

    It looks nice and I like it.

    I also like Rob's Internet Grandfather Stories. Homepage! I remember those!

    "Tell us more!"

    "Back in the old days, we had to dial up AOL uphill! In the snow!"

    "No WAY!"

    (Rob cuts in now and reminds Z that he would never, ever use AOL.)