Broken Stuff

Aug 04 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

I have been realizing that there is a lot of broken stuff on the imported portions of this blog (meaning, nearly all of it is broken in some way!), so I've been busy fixing things as fast as I can. Currently, I have been focusing on fixing all the broken video embeds (working in reverse chronological order), since the importing process stripped all embed codes and links. Fixing these links requires that I find each individual video entry, locate the original video, copy the embed code and paste it into this blog -- very time-consuming and tedious work. Despite the act that I've been doing this for days (and devoted ALL of today to doing this) I am still working on 2010!!

And I haven't even started to fix the broken links in the Mystery Birds yet! Arrrgh!

If you run across a broken link or missing video (or other problem), please leave a comment on the broken entry explaining what is wrong with it. Either I or BobO'H receive your comments as emails, so I will follow up as soon as possible to fix the blog entry you are referring to.

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