Du bist Terrorist

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Du bist Terrorist (or "You are a terrorist" -- yes, this video has English subtitles) is a satirical response to two official German social-marketing-campaigns. One of them, Du bist Deutschland (You are Germany), was promoting nationalism and a child-friendly Germany, Du bist Terrorist is a look at today's politics in Germany, where all citizens are viewed with general suspicion and Germany has become a preventive surveillance society (a "nanny state"?).

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  • MadScientist says:

    Hehehe; I like the airport scanning. 🙂 I'd like to see a terahertz scanner to see what the image quality is like. The only problem with a terahertz scanner is that you can make special clothes to foil it if you know what you're doing - but then I guess it would be very obvious that your clothes are fouling the scanner and the agents can't wait to get on with a full cavity search.