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Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Image: GrrlScientist, 24 March 2010 [larger view]

This is a sculpture that is located outside the front door to the building where I have been spending most of my days, writing. A close look at where this microscope is pointed shows that it is focused on Edinburgh, the home of my Sb colleague and friend, geologist Chris Rowan. It also happens to be the seat of Scottish Parliament.

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  • Another Kevin says:

    Am I the only one geeky enough to have seen the 'Sb' in your caption and read it the first time as 'antimony?'

  • haha! no, i like using "SB" instead of what everyone else uses ("Sb") because my mind wanders when i see it written that way.

  • Adrian says:

    Surely, this should be titled "makroscop"? (and yes, I know you're not shirley).

  • blf says:

    So now we learn how the aliens are really watching us!
    And as they are intently watching Edinburgh, that rather explains a lot…