Birdscapes: Birds in Our Imagination and Experience

Sep 18 2009 Published by under Art & Photography, Book Review

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Not too long ago, this unemployed scientist had the honor of being asked to write a book review for Science. The Science book review editor was looking for a review of Jeremy Mynott's new book, Birdscapes: Birds in Our Imagination and Experience. The editor, who peeks at my blog when no one is looking, noticed that I am a scientist and bird maniac who writes and publishes lots of book reviews on my blog, so he very kindly (and out of the blue) decided to give me a chance to write for one of the top scientific journals in the world. My review, which I wrote while I was in Finland, has just been published and is now available online for you to read, or if you prefer a hard copy, here's the PDF (I think it's free -- you'll have to let me know if it's not so I can email a copy to you).

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  • Erin says:

    Congrats again 🙂

  • travelgirl says:

    all for sale, including the PDF... did you enjoy the book?

  • Benton Jackson says:

    It's not free. Sounds like an interesting book, I'd like to read the review.

  • Mike Higgiston says:

    I'd appreciate a copy of the review. Thanks.

  • Andrew says:

    I have heard about this book and it sounds interesting. I would appreciate a copy of your review. The pdf is not free to download.
    Thank you

  • i still can send copies of the PDF to anyone who asks here in comments or in email -- just speak up!

  • biosparite says:

    I just snagged a new copy for $14.98 (less shipping) from Amazon through G/S's blog plus the new Peter Ward book on birds in the Mesozoic in a separate Amazon transaction. Thanks, G/S, for bringing this to my attention.

  • mantolama says:

    thank you very good. very good article

  • biosparite says:

    I am reading the book right now. It is beautifully written and sets off associations in my mind with birding experiences I have had. I like to read just a bit at a time since I want to enjoy the well-crafted prose, dry British wit of the author, and all the things the narrative brings to mind. I actually spotted G/S's review in an issue of SCIENCE I was reading over lunch a few weeks ago and immediately ordered it through this blog's connection to Amazon.