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SchoolHouse Rock: Dollars and Sense

We're talkin' 'bout dollars and sense,
dollars and sense;
Them green-back bills with the pictures
of the Presidents.
Since life is one experience
that spares us no expense,
Gotta use them dollars
with a little bit of common sense.
We gotta use them dollars
with a little bit of common sense.
Are you sure Dolly Parton started this way?

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I Should Be A Therapist!

Sep 28 2006 Published by under Psychology

Okay, you can stop laughing now, even though I agree with you that the title for this entry is rather amusing. This quiz is made even more hilarious if you knew the reason for my partial hiatus from my blog.
Anyway, feel free to share your results and comments on this quiz below the fold.

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Number 4

Sep 27 2006 Published by under Psychology, Your Inner Child

I hate to publish online quizzes on a more or less daily basis for you all, dear readers, instead of writing material with more substance, but right now, this is the best I can do. By posting these quizzes, I am trying to let you know that I have not abandoned you, that even though I am quiet right now, I am here, that your comments mean more to me than you probably know, and I try to respond to your comments in email.
However, that said, I daily debate with myself about whether I should provide more detail to you regarding why I cannot post here at my typically frequent level. There are people behind-the-scenes who encourage me to write about my private experiences on this blog, who say that by doing so, I would be helping some of you or your friends out there who might currently be in the same predicament as I or who might face a similar situation in the future. On the other hand, there are other people behind-the-scenes who caution me not to write about my experiences because doing so could permanently damage any future career prospects I ever thought I might have. So there are powerful and practical arguments made by both sides. Basically, the situation boils down to whether I am comfortable with writing about the current state of my life in such a public place, such as this blog (I am), and whether I can somehow survive the likely consequences of my honesty (this .. I am not sure about).
Anyway, while I wrestle with this complex issue, I have another quiz that you might enjoy that is below the fold. As always, feel free to comment on the quiz questions here so I and the other readers can share their impressions and their results here.

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Does Your English Cut the Mustard?

Sep 26 2006 Published by under Your Inner Child

You'll find a few items in this quiz that are correct according to British grammarians, but are incorrect according to American grammarians. To take the test and to see my score, see below the fold.

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How Logical Are You?

Sep 25 2006 Published by under Your Inner Child

As I said, I want to remind you, dear readers, that I am still here, and still missing you all, so I dug up a quiz that you might enjoy. This quiz presumably determines how logical you are. The good thing about this quiz is that I have some evidence that all the drugs I've had to take recently haven't permanently impaired my cognitive functioning, at least.
But wow, the illustration that accompanies the quiz sure could be improved. What do you all think?

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Coffee Cafe

Sep 22 2006 Published by under Your Inner Child

Another quiz for you to enjoy while you are supposed to be working (and I am supposed to be convalescing) .. and gee, how did they know that I'd chew coffee beans if I was in a crunch?

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SchoolHouse Rock: Gravity

This streaming video is clumsily made, but at least the visual quality is good.

I'm a victim of gravity.
Everything keeps fallin' down on me.
No matter where I go
That forces that I know,
Just a pullin' me down, down, down, down, down.
It's all around town now,
It's like a magnet deep inside the ground.
When I lift something up,
I can feel it pulling down.
It pulls me in the pool,
It pulls rain down on me.
I'm a victim of
Down, down, down, down, gravity, yeah.

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What is Your Ideal Pet?

Sep 21 2006 Published by under Pets, Your Inner Child, Zoology

I am posting another silly quiz for you to play with, mostly to remind you that I am here in the background, checking in and thinking about all of you, dear readers, but I am still unable to post very often due to inconsistent computer access (and I am trying to access my blog using an antiquated Dell computer that loves to crash, which is truly a severe punishment). However, I do read and enjoy your comments, so please keep them coming!
Anyway, my quiz results are hardly surprising in the grand scheme but they are below the fold for you to enjoy. Of course I am curious to know your results and whether you actually live with the proper pet. To earn bonus smug points, be sure to share the name of your pet.

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SchoolHouse Rock: Noun

Well every person you can know
The Beatles and the Monkees, Chubby Checker
And every place that you can go
Like a neighborhood or a store
And anything that you can show
Like a dime or a record machine
You know they're nouns.
A noun's a special kind of word
It's any name you ever heard
I find it quite interesting
A noun's a person, place or thing.
A noun is a person, place or thing.

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Schoolhouse Rock: Great American Melting Pot

Lovely Lady Liberty
With her book of recipes
And the finest one she's got
Is the great American melting pot
The great Anerican melting pot.
What good ingredients,
Liberty and immigrants.
They brought the country's customs,
Their language and their ways.
They filled the factories, tilled the soil,
Helped build the U.S.A.
Go on and ask your grandma,
Hear what she has to tell
How great to be an American
And something else as well.

Have Americans forgotten our beginnings?

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