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Republican-English Dictionary

Jul 31 2006 Published by under Humor, Politics, Satire

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A published author who now is a friend of mine after I reviewed his book sent me some words that he found in a top-secret copy of the Republican-English Dictionary. He noted that these words and their definitions are useful for those of us who have been recently experiencing difficulties deciphering speeches and news reports delivered by the current administration.
But it's top seekrit, so don't tell them that we know! Shhh!

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Monastic Park?

Jul 31 2006 Published by under Cultural Observation

Look, Ma! Dinosaurs and people must have lived at the same time because The Flintstones says so!

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Birds in the News 65 (v2n16)

Jul 31 2006 Published by under Birds in the News

Taking the Plunge
(Female Belted Kingfisher, Ceryle alcyon).
Image appears here with the kind permission of the photographer, David Seibel, who writes;
"I never realized, until freezing the motion with my camera, that kingfishers dive from
their perch with wings completely folded. I've captured woodpeckers doing the same
thing." [email David]

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What A Difference A Year Makes

Jul 31 2006 Published by under Cultural Observation, Politics

"If you were to hang out with me here it won't be five or 10 minutes before you see a Republican hug me. That is almost as entertaining as some of the films."
Who said that?

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Birds in the News, Rescheduled

Jul 31 2006 Published by under Birds in the News

Birds in the News will appear on Mondays at noon EST, to benefit from the traffic peak that occurs shortly after noon. I have written Birds in the News for a year and a half. It is a weekly link harvest that features photographs and news stories about birds from around the world. You can browse previous issues of Birds in the News.

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How Nerdy Are You?

Jul 30 2006 Published by under Cultural Observation

I am nerdier than 98% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!I displayed this quiz result on my original blog for quite a long time, until I decided it was having a negative impact on my social life, whereupon, I removed it. However, because I no longer have a social life, not any sort of life whatsoever, I realize it probably wouldn't hurt to put this quiz result back, especially because I can ask all of you to tell me how nerdy you are!

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It's Impeachment Time!

Jul 29 2006 Published by under Ethics, Politics

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Secret Worlds: The Universe Within

Jul 29 2006 Published by under Education, Teaching

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Schoolhouse Rock: Three is a Magic Number

It takes three legs to make a tri-pod
Or to make a table stand.
It takes three wheels to make a ve-hicle
Called a tricycle.
Every triangle has three corners,
Every triangle has three sides,
No more, no less.
You don't have to guess.
When it's three you can see
It's a magic number.

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What Kind of Pirate Arrr You?

Jul 28 2006 Published by under Uncategorized

[Note: the previous quiz screwed up the formatting for my entire blog, so I substituted this quiz in its place. Please accept my apologies for messing up this entry. Also keep in mind that my readers are not crazy; they were responding with their results to the original quiz]
Arr, as a parrot-lovin' scientist, I thought I should learn more about me own secret pirate identity, and blimey, there I am! How about you, matey?

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