Failure (Again)

Jun 23 2005 Published by under Uncategorized

Long-term un(der)employment (and flag burning) is dangerous to society: During the course of un(der)employment (I have not yet burned a flag), I magically transformed into a Commie. I am so ashamed of myself.

-->I am:

-->"You're a damn Commie! Where's Tailgunner Joe when we need him?"<!--

Are You A Republican?

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  • James says:

    Nuts, knowing you is going to totally screw up my security clearance!!!Well, I should be ok so long as you don't go out and burn a damn flag ... cheeeessssssssssssssh.

  • Miranda says:

    Last time I took this test, I was -11% Republican but some of my answers were a tad tongue in cheek. Of course, I am currently a poor college student between jobs (no summer job) with four kids at home so that may have skewed the data a bit.

  • kstrna says:

    I believe when I took it I was a -17%.

  • pablo says:

    I'd seen this meme before. When I took it, I was 10 percent Republican, but when my son took it, he came out NEGATIVE 10 percent. I raised him correctly. (I almost said "I raised him right.")

  • Alon Levy says:

    I think I got -9% when I took it; I posted the result on Pharyngula, but I can't be bothered to search the back pages. I'm not really into burning stuff, but I do think that the correct way to display the US flag is upside down, and if I start a blog my tagline will probably be, "Hating America since 2003."