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I was sent this email message regarding NOVA funding cuts that could potentially be voted on TOMORROW. If you value good science programming such as what NOVA presents, it is crucial that YOU SPEAK OUT NOW: Please contact your congresscritter immediately by telephone, email and FAX to express your outrage regarding this situation.


NOVA usually sends e-mail bulletins only when we have program information to tell you about. However, we thought you might want to know about proposed funding cuts now before the U.S. House of Representatives, which pose a serious threat to public broadcasting, including programs like NOVA.

The House Appropriations Committee is proposing more than $220 million in funding cuts for public broadcasting, effectively a 45 percent reduction of public broadcasting's federal financial support.

The House is scheduled to vote on these cuts this week -- as soon as Thursday, June 23rd -- so it is critical that your members of Congress hear from you today. For many years, we in public broadcasting have relied on our friends and fans for financial support. Now we are asking you to make your voice heard and let your congressperson know how you feel about the proposed cuts. No less than the future of public television and radio is at stake.

For details on how you can help, visit our website.

Please be assured this e-mail represents a special circumstance. As usual, you will continue to receive e-mail bulletins when we have program information to share.

Thank you,
Alan Ritsko
Managing Director, NOVA

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