Blog Carnivals That I Think You Should Read

Jun 16 2005 Published by under Uncategorized

(Just because I can't .. yet!)

The Carnival of Education, #19. I liked this entry; How to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation: A Guide for Elementary Teachers that sounds oh so familiar, even though I don't teach elementary school and would never do so under any circumstances. I am breaking rule number 4, although it's not because I want to, it's because I like living in an apartment instead of a refrigerator box that I have stuffed under the stone bridge in Central Park.

The Tangled Bank, #30 is also available. The emphasis of this issue of TB is mathematically-oriented science. I am especially interested to read this essay, Borneo's lowland forests may disappear because my research birds are endemic to this area (although, not to the island of Borneo). I also am interested to read this three-part series of articles about the building of the Tacoma Narrows bridge (I drove over that bridge thousands of times before I finally escaped the disgusting town of Tacoma).

Smarter than I is an unusual blog carnival where readers (instead of authors) nominate particular blog entries for inclusion in each issue. I am especially interested to read this article that discusses the debate that the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001 in order to seize control of that nation's subsoil resources.

Grand Rounds #38, hosted by another of my blog pals, Red State Moron. I am especially interested to read this essay that discusses the recent study showing that frequent users of the popular pain reliever, ibuprofen, are more likely to suffer a heart attack.

Alas, but for now, I have to write (and then grade) my students' midterm exam.

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