Some Good News

Jan 25 2005 Published by under Uncategorized

Today, I was offered (and accepted) a position as an Adjunct Professor of Science at a local community college. I will teach an Anatomy and Physiology lecture/lab and I somehow managed to convince them to offer me a second class, a Chemistry lab for nursing students. Classes start Thursday. Thursday, as in, less than 48 hours from now.

After making sure that I would be paid enough to cover my rent (and believe me, rent will be ALL that my stipend will cover), I accepted the position. According to this college's policy, because I will be working nine lecture hours per week on these two classes, I will be paid for ten lecture hours. I will be busy three days per week (Tuesday-Thursday) and will devote the other four days per week to working on my research and scientific papers. And blogging, of course!

I will still be cat sitting, tutoring and freelance writing to cover my other expenses (food for me and my birds, power, cell phone, and MTA cards). And I still will not have any health insurance. I'm happy that I enjoy good health (fingers crossed)!

Welcome Hedwig, to the adjunct schtick. It's a survival job, but not a living.

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  • PZ Myers says:

    Such good news, it had to be repeated five times!Be sure to use this experience as training to get you up out of the adjunct rut, though. Keep sending applications out to other universities!

  • Anonymous says:

    Haha, PZ! Yes, indeed, I would say that exuberance got the best of me, but it was blogger that did it! Blogger is making a fool out of me! And don't worry about my trying to get out of the adjunct rut, I can guarantee that I will do my best (although I do view this as a fertile land for many blogged rants to come regarding the "adjunct schtick")

  • Joe says:

    Hey, that's great news! I know it's only a first step, but it's a ray of hope. Glad to hear it.

  • GrrlScientist says:

    Thanks Joe! Yes, it is indeed, a ray of hope! I was really getting scared about how I was going to afford my rent without resorting to illegal activities.

  • waxwing says:

    Congratulations on the j-o-b. I used to work at a community college (directly for the Dean of Arts & Sciences) and though most of my work with faculty was with full-timers & Chairs, I adored the adjunct faculty - they brought so much to the classroom. Because I also did contracts I know many helped the college and themselves by developing new courses and programs, revising existing ones, hitching onto state funding for related work. Still, A&P and CHEM for nursing students was a toughie for students - had one of the highest attrition rates there. That meant, of course, enough stress for everyone to have plenty so you may not want to add more at this time but I wanted to mention it.

  • Kattia says:

    This is wonderful! I know it's not the Dream Job, but it's a step, and a good one.

  • Dani says:

    Congratulations! Onward & upward! 🙂

  • GrrlScientist says:

    Thanks waxwing, Kattia and Dani and everyone who sent me email! It's true that even though this is not "THE JOB", this is a step forward. It will extend my survival time in my beloved home while I look for something that is a better suited to my talents, pays a little more and has a little more security (and benefits!). I'll have more news today, after I meet wih them and pick up my text books! (Mmmmmmm, books! I love books! And they're FREE -- the best kind!)

  • Ms.PhD says:

    congrats!! don't stress, this is definitely what I would call a good problem (having too much work to do for a new job). just make sure you rest up because you're certain to run into things you can't possibly have planned for, and you will need your strength.I think you can get health insurance for cheap through some professional societies (e.g. the American Chemical Society). I would strongly recommend finding out what you can get for the price of membership, because it will also help with networking to move up to the next level. I think teaching Chemistry qualifies you to join, even if you weren't a chem major.I think it sucks they only pay you for 10 hours of work, when you're sure to spend more than that preparing your lectures. I don't suppose there is a union you can join? That might be another option for insurance.

  • GrrlScientist says:

    Ms.PhD: Payment for prep time instead of by lecture hour?? That's what tenure is for!I'll have to check the health insurance options that you mentioned. Even though I don't have a spare dime at the moment to pay for anything but the most basic needs that I mentioned (I even had to allow all my professional memberships to lapse for this reason), things can change fairly quickly so who knows what the future holds?