Bumble Porn

(by boboh) Aug 24 2011

No, not photos of a former Lancs and England batsman in "interesting" poses. No, it's some photos I took in the car park on the Riedberg campus this morning.

Two bumble bees having sex in the car park

This is the money shot

Front view of a bumble pair at it

I'm not a bee expert, so if anyone can tell me the species (the location is Frankfurt, Germany) or anything else interesting, please do.

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Quiet dignity and grace

(by grrlscientist) Jul 17 2011

Some of you know that a couple short weeks before I left the United States nearly two years ago, I met my brother for the first time since I had been thrown out of the house (for good) as a teenager. This made me homeless until the state stepped in and gave me a place to stay (nevermind that my "home" had bars on the windows; it was -- marginally -- better than being raped or murdered or being forced into prostitution. Lest you think I exaggerate, let me point out that quite a few of my teenaged colleagues from those times are no longer alive for these very reasons.)

Whilst working on my final preparations to emigrate with my parrots, my brother contacted me unexpectedly (not easy since I legally changed my name and relocated thousands of miles away from the parents!). He was asking if I'd like to meet since he would be visiting my beloved home to run in the NYC marathon for the first time.

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Pottermania, Pottermore

(by grrlscientist) Jun 24 2011

Are you like me -- an avid Harry Potter fan? If so, you will be excited to learn that JK Rowling will launch a free online Harry Potter experience: Pottermore. This site will launch in October 2011, although the public is invited to register their email address for potential early access on 31 July, which will be granted to one million lucky muggles.

(Yes, I registered.)

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Today is The Rapture

(by grrlscientist) May 21 2011

If you are reading this, then one of two possibilities are true for you: either you are a godless liberal heathen (like myself) or you are in a time zone that has not yet been Raptured. Because god arranged for The Rapture to occur at dinnertime in everyone's time zone.

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Harry Potter VIIb Trailer

(by boboh) Apr 28 2011

Yes, we have another trailer for the final Harry Potter film...

I hope we'll be lucky enough to have one of the select cinemas in Frankfurt that will be allowed to show the film in 2D.
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Frankfurt's firefighters

(by grrlscientist) Apr 27 2011

One of NYC's finest: a fireman.
Image: Katherine Kostreva.

One thing that I am painfully aware of is that Frankfurt's firefighters are definitely not made of the same stuff as the Adonises that populate NYC's fire departments (see above). And of course, I was rudely reminded of this sad fact again when yet another false alarm screamed through my apartment building at midday.

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(by grrlscientist) Apr 15 2011

This manic Harry Potter fan is going to see the penultimate Harry Potter film


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Penis Parity Day

(by grrlscientist) Apr 12 2011

Today is an important day for women in America who are lucky enough to actually have a job. What day is this? I refer to it as "Penis Parity Day" although other, proper institutions refer to it by the more boring name, "Equal Pay Day". This day celebrates the dubious honour that, after slaving away from 1 January 2010 until 12 April 2011, women have finally earned the same amount of income as a man for doing the same job. For you mathematically-challenged men out there who determine salaries and raises, that translates into 103 more days to earn the same monetary reward for doing the same job.

Which makes me wonder why any men have jobs at all since female employees provide a much larger return on investment.

In honour of this auspicious day, I think all women should wear a strap-on to work. Just to, you know, make the point.

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(by grrlscientist) Apr 04 2011

The weather has been gorgeous so I've been in agony these past few days. Why? Allergies, of course.

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(by grrlscientist) Apr 01 2011

Image: Courtesy of The Outrage Project.

As the title of this blog entry implies; I am PEEVED OUTRAGED! PEEVED OUTRAGED, I TELL YOU! Why? I just got wind of the latest event to happen in my wee part of the blogosphere: Scientopia has invited Occam's Typewriter's bloggistas to move here -- ALL OF THEM! And they are going to be PAID!! Yes, PAID WITH REAL MONEY! Spendable money! That they can buy things with, cool things, like microscopes, camera lenses and even an aircraft carrier to park all these cool things on!

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